How we do it ?

Pomodoro technique

This is, what you need to get focused on what you do !

I use FocusBooster program installed on my Mac, constantly working behind.


How my bookmarks strategy works with TabCloud and ReadLater Chrome plugins ?
This is my strategy of browsing through mass of web searches, I do regulary, when exploring different  topics. It is hard to stayed focused on one subject, main theme, that you’re currently exploring, so you have to be exact on further steps:
  • adding new tabs of “possibble good searches” until you have around 20 of nice tabs for you in one opened Chrome browser. Try to exclude all test landing pages, Adsens strategy cheap articles, …. Look for nice blog and pages without commercials.
  • store formation on TabCloud for every 20 opened tabs
  • start with fresh Chrome browser and repeat until your Pomodoro ends or you drop down dead.
  • from several 1000 of them, you will store probably up to 500, “maybe” on first look, interesting web pages. You can make more, depends on topic.
  • In second round load and review again stored TabCloud web pages, 20 web pages at the time. You can do this step later, maybe even next day. Some times it’s better, you’ll see pages differently.
  • Use double finger tap or mouse right option to find ReadLater option store some of the best pages from current list. Be precise and focused on your topic.
  • On the end, you will get around 10 best pages on that item.
  • Read all that 10 pages and store one or two in your personal Bookmarks. Archive them with Xmarks and get them organized with Supersorter extension